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Review summary for Zoomer Zuppies - Roxy Robotic Puppy | The average user rating for this product is 4 out of 5 stars based on 42 reviews

Zoomer Zuppies - Roxy Robotic Puppy was reviewed by 42 consumers, first review recorded at 2016-04-23 while most recent review was published at 2018-05-20 00:03:55. 77% of Zoomer Zuppies - Roxy Robotic Puppy customers would probably recommend their friend to purchase the product.

Manufacturer Description

  Why we love Zoomer Zuppies 1. Teach it tricks 2. Lots of different moods 3. Touch sensitive 4. Responds to motion If you're funky sweet and upbeat, then Zoomer Zuppies Roxy is the pooch for you! Roxy has her own unique personality and loves to be fussed over.  Give her lots of cuddles and t u mmy scratches to show just how much you care. The more you play, the happier she will be! Just like a real dog, Roxy has lots of different moods. Keep her happy with attention but leaving her alone may bring out her sad side. Roxy responds to movement and can be programmed to follow your commands. Press her nose and back buttons in different combinations to activate various reactions. Place Roxy with other Zoomer dogs and she will interact with them.  She also loves to play songs and you can customise your own tracks by adding barks to the beat! With built-in games to play together also included, you'll bond with your Zoomer Zuppy in no time! Roxy makes an ideal pet for kids aged five years and up. Please note: 3 x AAA batteries are required (not included). For detailed information please see Zoomer Zuppies - Roxy Robotic Puppy Manual
  • Reacts to your tummy scratches, head pats and the wave of your hand in a variety of ways to create a unique bond with you
  • Roxy shows different moods and has a distinct, upbeat personality
  • keep the robotic puppy happy and it will do special tricks for you
  • Plays music that you can add barks to by tapping Roxy's head
  • Change Roxy's instrument sound from piano to guitar and back again


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Last Updated: 2018-05-20 00:03:55

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