Personalised Maxi Micro T-Bar Scooter - Raspberry (Names)

  • Personalised Maxi Micro T-Bar Scooter - Raspberry (Names)

Personalised Maxi Micro T-Bar Scooter - Raspberry (Names) - Review

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Review summary for Personalised Maxi Micro T-Bar Scooter - Raspberry (Names) | The average user rating for this product is 5 out of 5 stars based on 0 reviews

Personalised Maxi Micro T-Bar Scooter - Raspberry (Names) was reviewed by 0 consumers, first review recorded at 2016-04-23 while most recent review was published at 2018-04-25 00:03:56. 80% of Personalised Maxi Micro T-Bar Scooter - Raspberry (Names) customers would probably recommend their friend to purchase the product.

Manufacturer Description

Imagine their delight when the scooter arrives sparkling with their name. Perfect. A Raspberry Maxi Micro Scooter personalised for you with Bedazzles. Chose your background colour and up to 6 letters plus the colour of the letters. The Maxi Micro Scooter will be personalised within 1 working day and sent out the same day. The stable and robust Maxi Micro scooter is easy to steer and helps to develop balance and coordination skills. The award winning scooter is storable, portable and even collapsible making it easy for you to take anywhere you wish. Perfect for children aged 6-12 years old the Maxi Micro has an adjustable handlebar meaning the scooter will grow with your child. The Bedazzles are robust and come in a range of colours and give the scooter shaft a wonderful reflective finish, sparkling bright.
  • A Maxi Micro Scooter personalised specifically for you.
  • Raspberry Maxi Micro personalised with your name or initials on the scooter stem.
  • HOW TO PERSONALISE YOUR ORDER. 1 - Place your order. 2 - In Your Account go to Your Orders and find the order that you want to personalise. 3 - Click on Contact Seller. 4 - In the drop down menu of section 2 click on Product Customisation and let us know the name & colours you would like on the scooter - Failing to do this may delay your order.
  • Please state which colours you would like from Pink, Purple, Clear, Black, Red, Blue, Yellow, Green, Orange or Coral.
  • Personalised within 1 working day and despatched same day.


  • Usually dispatched within 1-2 business days
Last Updated: 2018-04-25 00:03:56

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