Alien: Isolation - Nostromo Edition (PS4)

  • Alien: Isolation - Nostromo Edition (PS4)

Alien: Isolation - Nostromo Edition (PS4) - Review

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Review summary for Alien: Isolation - Nostromo Edition (PS4) | The average user rating for this product is 4 out of 5 stars based on 410 reviews

Alien: Isolation - Nostromo Edition (PS4) was reviewed by 410 consumers, first review recorded at 2016-04-23 while most recent review was published at 2018-04-26 00:06:43. 87% of Alien: Isolation - Nostromo Edition (PS4) customers would probably recommend their friend to purchase the product.

Manufacturer Description

Alien Isolation for the Playstation 4 takes you on a journey of constant fear, dread and mortal danger Set 15 years after the events of Alien you take on the roll of Ellen Ripley's daughter Amanda. Your quest is a desperate battle for survival and to unravel the truth behind her mother's disappearance Experience true fear with Aliens that react to your moves and utilises its senses to hunt you down. Hack systems and craft items to deal with each situation in order to stay alive. Explore the vastness of space and encounter a rich cast of inhabitants in this hugely immersive and impressive game
  • Live Life as Amanda Ripley
  • 18 Plus Age Group
  • Single Player

  • Manufacturer: Sega
  • Brand: SEGA
  • Product Code: 5055277023875

Last Updated: 2018-04-26 00:06:43

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